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New Chabad Girls High School is Opening in Phoenix

Beis Chana High School of Arizona, led by principal Mrs. Risha Majesky, will be opening this coming year with a 9th-grade class for girls. A group of 'school shluchos' will be running Bnos Chabad and Achos Hatemimim programs.

An all-new Chabad girls high school will be opening for the 2021-2022 (5782) school year, building on the success of the Cheder Lubavitch elementary school in Phoenix, Arizona, home to a growing Chabad community led by Head Shliach Rabbi Zalman Levertov.

Beis Chana High School of Arizona’s mission is for students to experience excitement in their Yiddishkeit and chassidishkeit and a desire to spread the wellsprings outward, heads of the school said.

“With excellence in both Judaic and General studies, we will create a wholesome environment in which our students will grow spiritually and academically to achieve their full potential,” they said.

“We will provide each of our students with the social, emotional, and academic tools she needs to internalize what she learns in the classroom and make the Torah relevant in her day to day life. We put a strong focus on facilitating a meaningful connection to the Rebbe’s path and instructions with an emphasis on love and respect among students and teachers. At Beis Chana of Arizona, each student will be cherished and respected for who she is.”

The school will open under the guidance of Rabbi Levertov, and a vaad which includes Shluchim Rabbi Yossi and Rivky Friedman, and the Cheder’s founders R’ Yaakov and Rochel Welner. It will be led by Mrs. Rishe Majesky, who will serve as principal.

Renowned for her success as principal of Bnos Menachem girls’ school in Crown Heights for 19 years, Mrs. Majesky’s many graduates will attest to her success in bringing the teachings and philosophies of Torah-true, chassidishe Yiddishkeit to a level that becomes an integral part of each girl’s life.

Beis Chana of Arizona aims to be a place where students from all over the world can benefit from a warm and wholesome chassidishe education, the vaad stated.

Our challenging Judaic studies curricula will prepare our students for seminary and beyond. With a focus on skill-building and independent study, subjects will include Chumash, Navi, Tanya, Halacha and more. Our full general studies department will meet state standards for a high school diploma and will include extracurricular courses as well.

A talented group of ‘school Shluchos’ will be joining the staff – Elisheva Dinnerman (San Diego, CA), Zeldy Eichorn (Brooklyn, NY), Chayale Levin (Brooklyn, NY), and Goldie Marasow (Montreal, Quebec). They will be leading a full range of Bnos Chabad and Achos Hatemimim programs and their activities will include farbrengens, after school trips and Shabbatons.

The school plans to implement an innovative Mashpia system providing each student with the opportunity to select a staff member of their choice to receive one-on-one guidance several times a month.

Most importantly, Beis Chana will provide caring, individualized attention to the academic, social and emotional needs of all students, they said. “The warm environment will foster personal and lasting connections with dedicated teachers and staff.”

As one of the few Chabad girls high schools in North America with dormitory availability, Beis Chana’s dorm will enable girls from all over the world to experience a well rounded, chassidishe education in a warm and welcoming school environment.

Recognizing that dormitory life is a crucial part of a high school experience, the administration is investing a significant amount of time, energy and financial resources to create a perfect home away from home for out-of-town students.

“The dorm will be infused with a warm, caring and chassidishe ruach born of consistently positive activity overseen by capable, dedicated dorm counselors and a dorm mother,” they said.

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