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Beis Chana provides a high quality education in both Limudei Kodesh and Limudei Chol.  Special emphasis is placed on skill building and critical thinking skills. (Further details will be provided in the handbook once enrolled)

Limudei Kodesh

Our challenging Judaic studies curricula prepares our students for seminary and beyond. With a focus on skill building and independent study, subjects include Chumash, Navi, Tanya, Halacha and more.

General Studies

Our full general studies department meets state standards for a high school diploma and includes extracurricular courses as well.


Beis Chana’s students enjoy a rich, exhilarating extra-curricular program, which aids in fostering Chassidishe growth and achievement.  The program includes a school Shabbaton and production as well as multiple theme-based, Achos Hatemimim and Bnos Chabad activities.  

Emotional/Social Support

Beis Chana’s faculty is committed to providing its students with the emotional support they need, as they navigate the often difficult teenage years.  To that end, Beis Chana is proud to run the Yocheved Mashpia Program; an innovative Mentoring program, which provides our students with one-on-one guidance from the mentor of their choice, several times a month.

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