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Tuition & Fees

  • New Student Application Fee of $50 - For applicants who progress to Step 2.

  • Yearly Registration Fee of $300 and Program fee of $300 for local students

  • Tuition will be $18,500, inclusive for our-of-town students of all Bnos Chabad and extra-curricular fees (not including plane fare for out-of-town trips)

  • Dorm will be $6,500, paid in 10 monthly installments of $650.

  • 10% non-refundable deposit is required to finalize the enrollment process and secure a spot at Beis Chana High School.

  • A credit card will need to be provided to be kept on file.

Registration is

currently closed.

To receive a notification when registration opens, please contact us here.



Beis Chana is committed to ensuring that each student has the best possible experience in high school, in part by determining that our school is the right fit for prospective students.  


For this reason, the acceptance committee cannot guarantee admission to siblings of existing students. 


Please be assured that this is done out of consideration for the welfare of the applicant.  

Admissions Steps

Step 1:

  • Submit required forms, report cards, and picture of applicant

  • References will be contacted to determine applicant's suitability

Step 2:

  • Applicant will be given a written assessment

  • A (Zoom) interview will be scheduled

  • Await notification of acceptance or non-acceptance

Step 3, if accepted:

  • Complete Enrollment application and sign Tuition Agreement

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