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Beis Chana of Arizona is committed to being a place where students from all over the world can benefit from a warm and wholesome Chassidishe education. Beis Chana will provide caring, individualized attention to the academic, social and emotional needs of all students. The warm environment fosters personal and lasting connections with dedicated teachers and staff.

Our Name

Our Rebbe's mother, Rebbetzin Chana Schneersohn, personified the qualities we hope to nurture in our students.  With dignity and without pretension, Rebbetzin Chana always took a genuine interest in the wellbeing of each person she knew.  Her love of fellow Jews and sincere concern for each individual were clearly evident in each word she spoke.  She wrote a remarkable memoir of her life, “A Mother in Israel”.  


She used her many intellectual gifts to serve her community and her family.  When her husband was exiled, she did all she could to help him and secure his release. After much suffering and the loss of her husband, her son the Rebbe brought her to New York on the 28th of Sivan 1947.  


She passed away at the age of 84 on the 6th day of Tishrei 1964.  The name Chana signifies grace and charm.  The Rebbe often stressed that the initial letters of the three mitzvot especially entrusted to women—challah, niddah and hadlakat neirot—correspond to the letters of his mother’s name, Chana, and encouraged all women and girls to strengthen their commitment to Torah and mitzvot.


Today there are many educational institutions the world over that proudly bear the name Chana. Together with the countless women and girls who have been named Chana, they serve as a fitting tribute to the remarkable life and personality of Rebbetzin Chana. May she be an inspiration to us all!


At Beis Chana High School of Arizona, we strive for our students to experience excitement in their Yiddishkeit and Chassidishkeit, and a desire to spread the wellsprings outward. 

With excellence in both Judaic and General studies, we create a wholesome environment in which our students will grow spiritually and academically to achieve their full potential. We provide each of our students with the social, emotional, and academic tools she needs to internalize what she learns in the classroom and make the Torah relevant in her day to day life. Each student will be cherished and respected for whom she is. 

We put a strong focus on facilitating a meaningful connection to the Rebbe’s path and instructions with an emphasis on love and respect among students and teachers.



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Mrs. Risha Majesky


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Mr. Yaakov and Mrs. Rochel Welner


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Ms. Hannah Benson


Asset 15_4x.png

Mrs. Mindy Wolfe


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Mrs. Yael Roizman


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Mrs. Chaya Marasow


Renowned for her success as principal of Bnos Menachem girls’ school for 19 years, Mrs. Majesky’s many graduates will attest to her success in bringing the teachings and philosophies of Torah-true, chassidishe Yiddishkeit to a level that becomes an integral part of each girl’s life.

With talented young shluchos as part of our staff, students benefit from a full range of Bnos Chabad and Achos Hatemimim programs. Their activities include farbrengens, after school trips and Shabbatons.




As one of the few Chabad high schools with dormitory availability, Beis Chana’s dorms enables girls from all over the world to experience a well-rounded, Chassidishe education in a warm and welcoming school environment.

Recognizing that dormitory life is a crucial part of a girls high school experience, BCAZ is providing a perfect home away from home for our out of town students.

Both dorms are infused with a warm, caring and Chassidishe ruach, permeated with consistently positive activities.  Dormitory life is overseen by capable, dedicated dorm counselors and a dorm mother.

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